Parting gifts

2014-06-24 14.24.05My sweet colleagues had a going-away lunch for me today. It’s a few weeks early, but several folks will be out of the office later in July, so it worked out best to do it now. The only downside is that now I have a month to think about how much I’ll miss these awesome people!

We met at Ninfa’s, which was scrumptious. Spinach enchiladas & creamy green salsa with chips … yum!!

Everyone signed a sweet farewell card, and I had to laugh at my next-door-office-neighbor’s comment: “Buy a coat!”

They also gave me some sweet presents: a devo book by Beth Moore, a commemorative Dr Pepper bottle of Baylor’s old Floyd Casey Stadium, and a Wonder Woman pen. 🙂

Favorite shirt

Human emotions are so peculiar. In the midst of being sooooo very excited about my upcoming dissertation defense, I have also experienced waves of anxiety (time is running out to make these edits!), frustration (the kids are driving me bonkers!), and one that surprised me last night after the younger kids were in bed, as I happened to be walking into the kitchen — grief. Suddenly, I had a fierce desire to call Nathan and tell him about my dissertation progress and talk to him about the defense, graduation, and the whole nine yards. I sat down in a nearby chair and just cried for a few minutes.

I know that he would be proud of me, and I know that heaven is a lot more awesome than driving 17 hours to sit through a graduation ceremony just to watch me walk across a stage to be “hooded” by my faculty. Still, I miss him. So many times when I think about things he is not here to experience, it usually has to do with the boys — achievements in school or other milestones in their lives. But this, this is something that’s just for me … an accomplishment that I wish my brother was here to celebrate with me.

So, that’s where my heart was when I saw this week’s Haiku Friday post on Osler’s Razor this morning. (By the way, if you are interested in law, politics, or poetry, you should check it out. I love the invitational feel of his posts, where disagreement is ok because discussion is welcomed. Plus, Haiku Friday is a favorite treat.) Here’s my entry for today’s topic of favorite clothing:

Dr Pepper red:
my brother’s faded t-shirt,
cotton soft with age.

Along with others,
I took it from his closet
to be reminded

Of his warm bear hugs.
It smelled like him for a while …
I wish it still did.