Honest feedback?

Hi guys & gals! As I begin tying up loose ends here and preparing for our cross-country move this summer, I am trying to manage my time and keep all the balls that I’m juggling from falling. I’m feeling torn, because I enjoy writing the devotionals, but it is a pretty big time commitment that I’m not sure I can handle over the next few months.

I talked to one of my pastors about it, and we brainstormed the possibility of having me write a monthly devo instead of weekly. That could be a way for me to stay in touch, and a lot of folks in the congregation have already asked about what will happen to the devos when I move away. Those comments really warm my heart, and I’m trying to figure out what to do.

What do you think, honestly? I’m not fishing for compliments; I really want to know what you think. Do you actually read the daily prompts? Would you really miss it if I cut back to monthly, instead of weekly entries?

It might even work out that I could write monthly posts through the summer, then go back to weekly in the fall, if it looks like I can handle the load. I just want to be conscientious of my time and not over-commit.