The art of arm-twisting

Arm-twisting, persuasive argument, manipulation … call it what you will, but I got my way, and that’s all that matters! 😉

When I first broached the topic of Halloween costumes, all five of the boys wanted to be Mario. Then, the little two decided that they wanted to be Koopa Troopa turtles. I have basic sewing skills, but certainly not to the level of DIYing five costumes! All I could see were dollar signs.

(Halloween isn’t a holiday that we typically celebrate in full-force, anyway. It’s like the tooth fairy to me — it’s fun and they get treats from it, but we don’t make a big deal about it. We can go into an elaborate spiritual warfare discussion when they get a bit older. I don’t allow them to dress in scary costumes, anyway.)

*~*~ Then, I had an idea! ~*~*

I proposed my brilliant plan to the older two, knowing that if I got them on board, then convincing the little three would be a cinch. I suggested that they go as a rock band. We can find some old t-shirts, bandanas and jeans (either our own or some cheap ones from Goodwill – along with some second-hand vests and bling), and they get to RIP UP the shirts & jeans. I will buy some colored hair spray and let them spike their hair crazy. We have some toy instruments that they can carry for props. They were gung-ho as soon as I said, “You get to rip up the clothes.” The little three were sold when I said, “You can have crazy hair.” If they’re really adventuresome, I’ll even let them wear black eye make-up.

Who knew it would be so easy? 😉  Not only are they going to have fun trick-or-treating, but getting ready will be a fun activity to do together.

The only down side? They want me to dress up as a rocker, too!! LOL … we’ll see about that.

One thought on “The art of arm-twisting

  1. do IT do IT!!! Dress up with them, you can be their road manager ;-0 My entire class and I are gonna be a Zombie Army…they voted. The beauty of it is that if someone wants to be ‘blah’ they can be ‘blah’ as a zombie and it adds variety to our undead army. I wanted them to be a flock of colorful owls after reading them a story called “The Little White Owl”. I lost. Zombie owl maybe?

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