IT & A/V Tech

Dear Nathan,

You would be so totally stinkin’ proud of me right now! I wish I could pick up the phone and call you to brag. I’m thinking about adding IT & A/V Tech to my resume. 🙂

In addition to clearing out three large bookcases, all of the boys’ school papers and random cr@p that they’ve collected in the study because it seemed special at the time, we also had to disassemble the computers in the study and electronics in the living room (ie, tv room) in preparation for the flooring work this week. (They moved the furniture, but it had to be emptied, and they don’t handle electronics. Fair enough!) The new laminate floor looks so nice, and it will be much easier to maintain than carpet.

Mama came over after dinner tonight and supervised the younger three as they restocked the two kids’ bookshelves, while Nos. 1 & 2 helped me rewire the house. I say “the house” because we literally reconnected everything: the cable box, modem, wireless router, video game consoles, Tivo, dvd player & surround sound speakers (which had previously only worked when the dvd player was on, but I made it so that they work with the tv!). We had to try a couple of different configurations to get the audio working properly, but honestly, we had it up and going in a surprisingly short period of time!

I was so impressed with us. We whooped and cheered for ourselves when the tv came on – in color, with sound – and all of the peripheral devices seemed to work. The surround sound thing was a bonus accomplishment.

I may not be able to move tomorrow from all the bending, leaning, crawling around and carrying relatively heavy things, but it was worth it. I’m back online; we have tv again; and the boys can play video games. The digital world in which we live is, once again, in balance. 😉

I even took some of my big-lil’ brother’s advice and twist-tied the slack wires to help keep them organized. (See — I did listen to you … sometimes!) Seriously, though – you can act like it’s no big deal, because you could’ve totally done it right the first time (yeah, yeah – I know), but I can see right through you … I know you’re proud of me. 🙂

I love you & miss you each and every day.

P.S. Guess what we found as we were stacking books? Surviving Fights With Your Brothers & Sisters. Heehee … Mama suggested that we add it to our devotional/reading time before bed, and I agreed. I don’t know how much it really helped us change our behavior back in the day, but at least we were more mindful of how mean we were to each other (mostly you toward me, of course! Heh)! 😉

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