Foodie Friday: Sweet potato “smash fries”

I have been hearing a lot lately about Smashburger, a new burger joint that will be coming to town soon. In the meantime, there is another location in a nearby town. I finally stopped there to see what the buzz was about. Our group had hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, and no one was disappointed.

What I was especially looking forward to trying, however, was the sweet potato “smash fries.” From what I understand, they are seasoned with olive oil, salt & rosemary, and they will Rock. Your. World. Wow – I ate the entire order and would have eaten more, even though the order had more than enough.

I decided to try to recreate the side dish at home. My first variation was too salty, but the second go-round was scrumptious. It will definitely tide me over until the new location opens! I highly recommend giving it a try. Just slice the sweet potatoes into fry-size slivers and pan-fry in olive oil with kosher salt (I like the coarseness) and rosemary, to taste.

My mouth is watering, just thinking about it. And, for the record, I didn’t receive any perks for blogging about Smashburger … though I wouldn’t turn down a heaping plate of those heavenly taters! 😉

One thought on “Foodie Friday: Sweet potato “smash fries”

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