Brazil, Day 7 (Friday)

We had less than two hours to do any interior work in the church before the floor guys began laying tile this morning, so some of us tried to finish varnishing the windows while others put another coat of paint on the still-not-totally-dry stucco walls.

While the tile workers were doing their thing, we varnished the outside of the windows & put a base coat on the front of the building. We aren’t even going to try to paint the sides or back because the mud is far too damp still.

The VBS group hosted a health fair & clothing giveaway in the neighborhood. They did glucose & blood pressure testing & gave away packets of toiletries & toothbrushes, etc.

Although there is more that we had hoped to do, the rain prohibited us from putting some finishing touches on the building. We’ll leave all of the paint supplies for the church to touch up later.

Tonight for supper, we had a traditional Brazilian barbeque in the backyard of the hotel. The food was scrumptious! A local group did a performance, which looked like a mix of taikwondo & break dancing. They also did the Brazilian samba, and several of us went out there & had fun pretending to know how to dance. :p

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