Dear Morning Me:

Dear Ang in the morning:

You are smart, capable, and nearly finished with this tremendous feat that you have worked so hard to complete over four-plus years. Criticism is supposed to be constructive, so build from it and don’t let it crush you. (I realize you find that difficult to do; I’ve known you your whole life, but trust me.) Right now, you are too tired and too sensitive.

Your dissertation committee is supposed to challenge you, because they want you to conduct & write the best research project possible. It just feels crappy right now because you feel like they are picking on you. I don’t think they are, so don’t take it personally.

Get some sleep and then hug the kids good morning, one by one. Then, go and enjoy a cup of coffee at your weekly ladies’ Breakfast Bunch life group in the morning and appreciate a new day.


Sleepy & Cranky Ang

3 thoughts on “Dear Morning Me:

  1. This was just what I needed this morning, Ang, so thanks for this post! I woke up cranky too, but my issue is completely different – we’re snowed in today here in New Jersey and I couldn’t figure out how to get my son to school. Luckily, the district came to their senses and closed all schools today, so that solves the problem!

    This post could be a poultice to apply to any challenge: don’t let it crush you, don’t take it personally, go hug the kids. And of course, take it God in prayer! Day looks better already. 🙂 Peace & Blessings, Ruth

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