Teaching evaluations

Today I received the evaluation summaries from my fall course in Federal Government. Even though I believe that I am a good teacher, the packet of student comments that arrives in my mailbox the following semester makes me a little nervous. Was I really as effective as I thought I was? Sure, they laughed at my stories and analogies, but what if they were really just laughing at me? Did they think the course was a waste of time? Was I boring?

Thankfully, it appears that I am my worst critic. The most common complaint about the class was “having to wake up early.” 🙂 It was a 7:20am class, so I certainly can’t fault them for that!!

Some of the remarks that made my heart smile (I didn’t correct spelling):

  • “She is very chilled and layed back, not to mention she is hilarious.”
  • “I don’t not like her at all.”
  • “I also liked the personal feel of the classroom and the freedom I felt I had to ask questions.”
  • “Knowing that she cares about us is encouraging.”
  • “She makes waking up early for class not miserable.”

Hooray – I made an early morning government class not miserable! 🙂 By the way, could someone please tell my kids that I’m very chilled, laid back, and hilarious? They seem to think that all I do is bark at them.

2 thoughts on “Teaching evaluations

  1. I’m just encouraged to hear that you got the comments. I always felt like they threw my comments right in the trash can.

  2. I appreciate reading their comments, but we don’t receive them until well into the next semester, so I feel like if there was some constructive criticism, then I have lost time to make changes to my teaching methods. 🙂

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