Comfy couch

I’m sleeping on the couch because I’m too tired to finish dealing with the piles that I sorted on top of my bed for the sole purpose of making myself finish it before bedtime! 🙂 If my couch wasn’t so comfy, I might be a little disappointed in myself.

On the plus side, I took four more bags to Goodwill today and have almost emptied my garage! I’m working half-days this week to try to get it all done. I’d rather be spending my vacation hours in a hammock with a good book and a glass of Malbec. 😉

The boys have made a lot of progress with their rooms, as well. They’ve been cleaning, sorting clothes, and packing & giving away toys. There’s a mountain of clean laundry on my couch that needs to be dealt with, but it’ll still be there in the morning. G’night!

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