Texas vs Utah observations

2014-08-14 20.35.53Assorted observations about my first few weeks of living in Utah (in no particular order):

  • The sunrise illuminates the mountains from the top down (as the light crests over the facing mountain). Sunset is the opposite, with darkness going from bottom up.
  • You know you aren’t in Texas anymore when you feel a little chilly swimming in the outside pool … in August.
  • Cedar City, UT, is at a higher elevation than Denver, CO (5,800 ft vs 5,280 ft), and they aren’t joking when people say that the elevation saps your stamina.
  • So far, other drivers seldom respond to the steering wheel wave that comes second nature to me, but I’ve converted a few passers-by to my Texan ways.
  • Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming (even if they don’t wave from car to car). 😉
  • I don’t think anyone is as excited about football season as we are.

2 thoughts on “Texas vs Utah observations

  1. So far, I say your observations are spot on. You will miss the Southern warm hospitality as time goes on. Have you had your first canyon wind storm yet? And have you heard your first “oh, my heck!” yet? Or had Mormon punch?
    Don’t try to go out to eat or shop at the store on Sunday either. It is definitely a day of rest after church.

    • We had some windy rain last week, but I don’t think it quite counts as a wind storm. That should be interesting! I did hear an “oh, my heck!” the other day; a friend who used to live in eastern Washington had given me a heads-up about that phrase. I’m not sure what Mormon punch is, though. We did discover a few places open on Sunday, but you are right — the sidewalks pretty much roll up after about 6pm on Saturday! 🙂

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