My tripping shoes

I am not a big shopper; in fact, I tend to wear and use things beyond their reasonable lifespans. That isn’t to say that I dislike getting new things, but I don’t really enjoy the hunt. You will not find me at a Black Friday sale in the wee morning hours. I will be in bed.

2014-09-23 13.01.12 (414x800)My favorite pair of shoes are my Baylor flipflops, but since I can’t wear those to work, I do have a few pairs of flats and a pair of modest navy pumps. I’ve had this pair for several years. They’re one of the few brand-name things that I spent good money to purchase (and even then, they were on sale). I wear them once or twice a week.

I also stumble and/or fall down about once or twice a week.


Since at least a few months before my knee surgery in 2012, and maybe even longer than that, I have not worn heels. These pumps are no more than 1″ high, and most of my shoes are flats. So, perhaps that little bit of height is enough to throw off my balance.

The shoes also have smooth soles, and I have made the mistake a couple of times of wearing them in the rain. Not smart. That’s how I slipped and fell in the grocery store parking lot last month.

Today, I can’t blame the rain, because it’s a beautiful day. I was walking to my car for lunch — on dry, level ground, I might add — when I tripped and started falling forward. I took several Mother-may-I-take-giant-steps forward and actually managed to keep from falling down! There were no witnesses to attest to this miraculous lunge-stepping regaining of my balance, which is just as well, since it was still embarrassing.

They’re my favorite dress shoes, and I don’t want to quit wearing them. Besides, it’s hard to find navy shoes in my size. Perhaps the problem is not the slick soles or the minor heels.

Maybe I’m just clumsy.

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