The holidays are stinkin’ difficult

I’m going to share something that is on my heart because I know there are others going through similar things, but since the holidays are supposed to be cheerful and lovely, we don’t often talk about it.

Sometimes, the holidays are stinkin’ difficult.

I miss my brother year-round, but the holidays always seem to exacerbate grief. Sometimes, I want to stay in my pajamas all day with a stack of books to read and no one to talk to, but real life beckons.

The kids are simultaneously antsy and bored, cranky and hyper, hungry and … never mind, boys are always hungry. They’re in vacation-mode, and having six people cooped up under one roof for too many hours at a time invariably results in bickering, but going and doing requires time, money, and putting on shoes.

So, there you have it. The answer to the question I’ve been asked for years about how I manage it all is simply this: Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I have an ugly cry with snot and the whole nine yards, and then I get back up and do life.

This isn’t a plea for attention on my part, but I do encourage you to have a little extra grace with each other during the holidays, especially. Bear in mind that people around you are carrying burdens that are so heavy, they aren’t sure how many more steps they can take before they fall down. Put an arm around them and walk a few steps alongside them.

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