Brazil, Day 6 (Thursday)

Today I painted, painted and then painted some more. The priority for the morning was to finish the roof, and since the tiles are asbestos-based, we had to wear masks when we went in to paint while they were still drilling holes in the tiles to attach them to the support beams.

The church looks great, though there is still work to be done tomorrow, and even more touch-up work after we leave. Because of all the rain, we aren´t able to put additional coats of paint on the interior walls because the blocks & stucco are still damp, and much of the exterior will have to wait to be painted, so we will leave paint supplies for the church.

We are about to walk down to the beach for fireworks, so that will be fun! From what I´ve heard, you can get fireworks here that are not available in the U.S., so I´m curious to see what they´ll have.

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