Brazil: Miscellaneous observations

I´ve been keeping a mental list of the interesting and curious things that I have observed and experienced in Brazil, so I thought I would jot down a few before they escape me:

  • Don´t flush toilet paper; instead, put it in the small trash can next to the toilet.
  • Speedos are in style, and men of all ages and sizes wear them on the beach and beachfront streets unabashedly.
  • Avoid riding in the back of a pickup on a dirt road (good advice in any country, but particularly on muddy, winding, pot-holey roads in Brazil).
  • Three words that begin with “Gu” sound similar but are very different:
  1. Guaraná is a fabulous soft drink that tastes kind of like a fruity Mountain Dew.
  2. Guarapari is a local town with open-air markets and streets full of shops.
  3. Guanabara is the rural community where the new church is located.
  • Winter here is like Autumn in Texas; it is breezy and cool. Such wonderful weather, even with the rain!
  • I heard that 80% of the population lives on the coast!
  • People are friendly and will almost always respond when you greet them in Portuguese.
  • Tile is cheap and abundant; there is little/no carpet.

2 thoughts on “Brazil: Miscellaneous observations

  1. I love reading about your adventures and insights about Brazil. You’re a great storyteller and the vivid way in which you recap your days with your son are delightful!!

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